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Duckwall-Alco stores have a location in Pilot Point, TX. This particular Alco used to have my mother as a manager, but she left after some scandal with two of the other managers. I don't know much about that, as I was not in town for the whole event.

Today, however, I learned much more about the scandal than I ever wanted to know. I stopped in, hoping to pick up a few needed items. While getting shampoo, I hear two associates gossiping. About my mother.

After a few minutes of hearing how horrible, ***, evil, etc, she was, I walk to them, and let them know, as politely as possible, that they should be careful about conversations like that on the sales floor. People in a small town will overhear it, etc. I also let them know that I was the daughter of who they were talking about, and that I was offended.

The two associates apologized, and I went to the cashier to pay. I also wanted to let the manager know that I had been VERY angry, and that associates should be told to keep personal gossip like that OFF of the sales floor. The manager, Whitney, was at first VERY casual about the whole thing. She tried to play it off as something that that particular employee was being asked to watch for.

Then, Whitney discovered that I was the former manager's daughter. She began yelling at me, telling me all the evils my mother had committed, such as exposing some sordid sexual affair between other managers.

I don't care. I went in as a paying customer, and nicely asked that employees in a small town not trash-talk my family, since gossip travels, and I was offended. Whitney did not care, and continued to trash talk my mother, using alleged former actions to justify her own poor customer service, lack of professionalism, and and exceedingly rude manner. I don't care if some supposed affair ruined this manager's marriage. I just want to buy my shampoo without hearing what a **** my own mother is.

I will not shop there again, and I am asking my friends and customers to boycott Alco, as well. I will be speaking to a lawyer about the situation.

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